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The display method of clothing model props

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The common display methods of clothing model props in the window are as follows:

Single clothing model props display method: the display of single clothing model props has a sharp contrast, in the display, it should be distinguished from the surrounding props, so as to achieve a prominent center.

Two three one combination method: this means that two or three clothing model props must be put in the window, because one is too monotonous and too much, that is redundancy.

Group combination (more than three costume model props): the combination of multiple costume model props. Because many people pay attention to the simple style in the design concept, the costume model props group combination is not very common in the market. This combination is suitable for personalized display and family theme display.

High and low scattered method: This is about the standing and sitting fashion model props waving each other, so that the fashion model props can be displayed in the window space design with rank and beauty.

Front and back scattered method: when the props of fashion models are displayed before and after, it shows a sense of hierarchy. Different levels also give people different visual impact, so it is much easier to arrange the primary and secondary relationship of products.


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